TEMPLATE: My Outbound Linkedin Recruiter Email That Gets a 26% Above-Average Response Rate

As most recruiters know, passive candidates can be some of the most high-quality candidates in your talent pipeline. However, it can be challenging to get them interested in your company and role (as they are not actively looking to leave their current role). While tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, Upwork, Stack Overflow, and AngelList can be helpful in finding passive candidates, you still need to reach out to them in an engaging way.

A good email open rate on LinkedIn Recruiter for InMail messages is around 20%.  This is the email template I use that has consistently generated a 40-46% response rate in my LinkedIn Recruiter InMail messages:

Subject: Would you be interested in this?


Hi [Name],

Quick intro – I am [First Name], [Job Title] at [Company] (currently working remotely from Medellin, Colombia!). I came across your profile and I was really impressed by your extensive experience in [Industry/Role].

We are currently looking for a [Job Position] to join our team. (Here’s the full job description [Link]) I’d love to tell you a little more about our team at [Company] and this position, as well learn a little more about your past projects and what you’re looking to accomplish in your next role.

Are you available for a quick chat sometime next week? If so, I’d love to set up a call.


[First Name]

[Full Name]

[Job Title] at [Company]

[Work Email]


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