Guide: Make Your LinkedIn Profile Recruiter-Friendly

I use LinkedIn every single day as a recruiter to reach out to potential candidates and connect with different professionals. Recruiters look for specific things on your resume, and in order to make yourself visible, you need to optimize your profile.

Here are some very easy ways I often find people can improve their LinkedIn:

  1. Your profile should be an enhanced resume – Depending on your role, a typical resume should be kept to one page. LinkedIn gives you the space and platform to show more details and more experiences. Use it!
  2. Optimize your profile for your goals – if you want to get a job in a certain area or industry, make sure your profile is optimized for that role.
    • Use keywords – looking for a role in marketing for a specific industry? Make sure your profile uses keywords from typical job requirements for that role. Recruiters look for these keywords so this is very important!
    • Angle your profile to the job you want to get – want a role as a team leader? Highlight your managerial or leadership experience in your past roles.
  3. Show thought-leadership – write a LinkedIn post about a topic you’re passionate about to show off your writing skills and thought leadership (Here are some ideas to get you started:
  4. Use a professional photo – your LinkedIn photo should be a clean, professional photo of just you. This is your chance to put a face to your resume.
  5. Write an introduction that shows your personality – make a great first impression! What is something interesting about you that doesn’t come about in your resume or work experience?
  6. Include your email address – if you want people to contact you, include your email address under the “contact” info section of LinkedIn. Especially if you do not check your LinkedIn messages often.
  7. If you are looking for a remote job in for a US or European company, make sure your profile is in English!
  8. Let LinkedIn work for you! Looking to get a job? Recruiters on LinkedIn are more likely to reach out to you if you have your profile set as “Open to Opportunities”

Are these tips helpful? Do you have any specific questions about LinkedIn? Ask in the comments below! And if you like, connect with me on LinkedIn here:


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